You don’t have to serve God!

offering photoI generally steer away from using the word God, as it has become a tarnished and very misunderstood word. But today I find it necessary to use the word to discuss this topic.

Some people say that our purpose in life is to serve God. Indeed some religions teach this.

Some take this further and, seeing how impractical this is, say that the only way to serve God is to serve others.

This suggests that God is a needy entity, perhaps unhappy, and a being that created other beings to satisfy her own needs, whims, and desires!

Poor God!!

But once you come to a more accurate understanding of what God is, and who you are in relation to God, and of what life’s purpose is, you come to see that this is quite a mistaken idea.

We are not separate from God, and we are not separate from each other. Indeed Nothing is separate form anything else! Separation is an idea born in the mind that misperceives the true nature of things. This can happen when the mind is informed by the senses alone, or by mistaken beliefs.

At deeper levels of existence everything is in exchange, interconnected, interpenetrating, everything is in relation, and at the deepest level everything IS ONE.

It is at this level of Absolute Oneness where there is no separation between the creator and the created. At this level you are not separate from the creative essence (or God.)

Indeed you are an extension or expression of the divine creative force (or God), and being such, your very existence in physical form, your terrestrial experience serves this creative force. Through you consciousness experiences tastes; sounds; sights, feelings; thoughts; desires; new ideas and evolution into higher forms of being and greater levels of consciousness.

Your very existence serves God! So free yourself from the idea that you HAVE TO DO anything else to serve God or any other agenda.

Explore this idea for yourself. Find comfort in this knowledge. Fine inspiration in this idea. Indeed find freedom in realisation.

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