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Money Needs You!

Now here’s a perspective on money which you probably haven’t heard before, and which will help you relate to money differently, and influence your ability to attract more of it into your life: You might be used to thinking – either consciously or subconsciously – that you need money. Have you ever considered that it could also be true be that money needs you?!

Here’s what I mean by this. Firstly everything is energy. Every single thing in the manifested universe is energy. The sun is energy. The earth and everything on it are forms of energy. This means that you too are energy.  Your thoughts and emotions are forms of energy. Even our social constructs like the law, or friendship, or holidays embody a certain energy. So too with the thing we call money.

Money is just our current form of easily exchangeable energy. You could buy many forms of energy with money – e.g. electricity, batteries, diesel or wood. The more money you have at your disposal, the more energy you can buy. But you could also buy a car, a house or for example a wristwatch with money. You could exchange the watch for a set of batteries – assuming you met someone who needed the watch as much as you needed the batteries, and at the same time you did! But if you didn’t have such a unique match of circumstances, you could sell the watch for a certain amount of money and buy those batteries with the same money. Thus money is the most easily exchangeable, in a sense the most liquid form of energy we have in our modern world.

You too are energy. But you are so much more! As a human being you are a highly conscious entity at the leading edge of consciousness. You have the faculties of choice, of focus, will power, intelligence, and the ability to actively create or consciously manifest whatever you choose to. You can use energy to create physical things or to design experiences. So In this sense you are not just energy but one who can channel energy, or focus energy in a certain direction.  In this sense, you are also a transformer of energy.

Your dreams and your desires summon money to bring into fruition the things that you set out to create. Your ideas and plans provide the channels for money, the avenues by which it can do things. In this sense money needs you!

This perspective can easily give you more encouragement to dream big, and to develop your ideas, secure in the knowledge that money is always looking for avenues of creation and expression. When you do this, money gravitates your way without much conscious effort on your part. This is off course if you hold no resistance, and allow the flow of money into and through your life. This will happen to the extent that you hold no doubts and fears and to the extent that you heal any negative beliefs around money and self worth.

Think of the batteries in a torch without you to focus the light on something. Think of the fuel in your car without you to drive it somewhere – perhaps to create something even bigger. Think of the money in your wallet or the money that has not yet made its way into your life – what good is it without you to channel it, to focus it, and to put it to use in taking your life – and in effect taking the universe to the next level of expression?

Yes, the universe needs you! And so does money!

This ought to make you see the subject money differently. And remember, when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at changes – as Wayne Dyer says. When you see money differently, you change your relationship with it, and when you come into a space of relating healthily to money, you widen the channels and increase the volume of money flowing through your life. So go on – why don’t you go ahead and do money a favour? Create a worthy avenue for it to flow through!

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