About Devin

Welcome. This website, just like me, is a work in progress! Here I share my thoughts and discoveries about life, success and enlightened living. In fact, I only share content if it’s either enlightening or empowering : ) Here’s a brief overview of what inspires me and drives me forward: .


I live to Enlighten, Elevate and Empower

My mission is to help more people live more enlightened, successful and abundant lives. I choose to achieve this by:
  • By sharing my knowledge and insights about self development, spirituality and success.
  • Being a conduit and amplifier of the most beneficial knowledge, insights and developments for our world.
  • By continually embodying and expressing my deepest knowing and potential.

Talks and Workshops

There are a few key topics I talk on, including: Talk to me here if you’d like to book me to address your group or event. .


Bridging the worlds of Spirituality and Material engagement

Having been on an incessant quest for truth for most of my adult life, which even led me to India where I lived for 3 years as a contemplative monk, I now wish to use my knowledge and experience to teach and share these insights with people who seek to live more enlightened lives. In recent years this quest has also led me to exploring the truth about money and abundance. And I’ve come to see that, contrary to what most people believe, the world of money/work/business/wealth-creation is not opposed to or separate from the world of spirituality and enlightenment. There is in fact a space in which these overlap perfectly! .


Global Abundance

I’ve come to see that poverty is unnatural and unnecessary. More than that it’s a manufactured reality in a naturally abundant world. It’s a manifestation of a system gone wrong. It’s an out-picturing of some of our misguided beliefs and misplaced values. It is situation in need of healing. And we can heal it. With this in mind I continually research ways to end poverty and developments that are taking moving us towards greater abundance. I aim to create a Global Abundance Movement, and started by creating the Global Abundance Thinktank, a Facebook group set up to brainstorm and collaborate on the formation of the movement. You can join the group here. .


Prosperra (Due to Launch Soon)


Connect with Me:

I’m always open to collaborating or comparing notes on any of these subjects. Connect with me here: