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A sacred opportunity for you and me

We are all one – not as a mere concept, but as a reality beyond our realm of concepts. Our true  Self, the innermost you and me, is intimately connected with the infinite consciousness that pervades all things and enables all experience.

From this oneness emerges this ‘seeming reality’ of separation, individuality, limitation, insufficiency and need – in order that we may experience ourselves in a myriad of ways, and have the opportunity to create ourselves and our world continually in our highest ideas, our deepest desires, and greatest imaginings. In doing so , we take the process of life to the next level of expression in an ever-evolving reality.

When we create from a standpoint of limited awareness, selfishness, and fear it leads to the experience of friction, constriction, inequity and destruction. And when we create and evolve consciously, with more knowledge of who we are, and of the tools and connections we have, we create a world of mutual support and love, of joy and greater levels of creativity, of expanding awareness and ever-grander experiences – individually and collectively.

Ultimately, we are more at choice than most of us realise, and we are blessed to have such an abundance of teachings and techniques to bring ourselves back to a state of remembering, and enlightened living.

Let us be aware of the truly wondrous opportunity that lies before us all: the chance to experience our greater potential, with expanded awareness, and to create an enlightened world far from the erroneous beliefs and misguided attitudes that are perpetuating war, destruction and indifference.

Looking around you may see the many clear signs that we have begun this shift towards healing and raising our energy, vibration and consciousness, and you may still see much darkness – and therein a sacred opportunity for you and me.