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Forgiving Personal Debt

If we are urging first world countries to forgive the debt of poorer third world countries, are we willing to do this on a personal level too?

I believe we should. As above, so below. What works for the macrocosm must work for the microcosm.

Whether your supposed oppressor or aggressor has hurt you with words or in other ways, it helps you more than them to assume a stance of forgiveness. Whether or you let your aggressor off the hook or choose to take the matter to court, it still helps to assume this stance internally.

Forgiveness is a form of love, and an expression of enlightened awareness. When we forgive, we go beyond the paradigm of victimhood.  We start to take responsibility for our individual experiences and we feel FREE!

Here is a powerful statement  of truth and intention which can be used as an affirmation and exercise in forgiveness…

“I hereby forgive all beings of all debts owed to me,

real or implied,

both monetary and emotional,

with no lingering energy or hidden agenda.

I love you and we both are now free.”

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