How To Practice Creative Attraction

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Currently, most of us on the planet still hold the idea that God, the creator of all this world, created the world as distinct and separate from ‘the creator himself’, at the beginning of time, and then left it alone. We see ourselves and this whole physical world as the ‘the created’, and quite separate from the ‘creator’. Consequently, we see ourselves as limited beings with very limited powers of creation.

I’d like you to consider something startling: that this is an illusion! Separation is an illusion, superimposed by the human mind over the truth of oneness. All things are one, and the idea of separation from life, separation from each other and separation from the Divine essence or God, is an illusion, a myth, and idea that is not congruent with ultimate reality.

You are a magnificent, powerful creator. If you think about it, you are creating many things of great magnificence right now and all the time. Every experience and circumstance that you have encountered in your life is created by you. You are actively beckoning the energy that creates galaxies. You are a master of creation operating here and now in the space-time reality, and your desires and creations take thought itself to new heights. As you find yourself in a sea of contrast, you entertain new desires, and offer new vibrations which are matched and manifested by Divine Essence. Through this process the universe is taken to new heights of being.

I’m sure you’ve had the experience when it seems that source does not manifest your desire, or at least not as quick as you’d like! And sometimes you experience things you do not desire – pain, loss, death, and it seems that you are not powerful enough to change the undesired circumstances. This leads you to believe that you are not at cause, or not creating these circumstances – for why would you create something you do not desire?

We are quiet aware that we are creating on the physical level, and we know pretty much how to do this successfully, but currently we are quite unaware of how we are creating on an energetic level. In this physical world, we know how to use our hands. With our words and communication we are able to collaborate and create collectively. With our mental planning we create things of amazing complexity and beauty. But largely we have lost awareness of how we are creating on a vibrational energetic level – on our side of the ‘imaginary fence of consciousness’ anyway!And this is not surprising since our consciousness has become so focused and almost locked down on the denser aspects of existence.

The law of attraction refers to a fundamental way in which the universe of consciousness and conscious beings operate. Like unto like is attracted. Everything has a vibrational essence, all thoughts and all things, and when you give your attention to something, your vibration begins to reflect that thing or experience. As you think about it more, you vibrate like it even more, and in turn more of that which it is like is attracted to you. So if you ever wonder why you do not already have what you desire, it is because you’re not holding yourself in a vibrational pattern as that of the experience you desire.

Since this is a law, it is always in operation. In other words there are no exceptions to this rule. According to the law of attraction, you get what you focus on, whether you want it or not. All too often when you want something, you focus on the not having it, rather than on the experience of having it. And the universe, your contextual field, reflects, replicates and manifests your thoughts. So you end up with more of ‘not having it’.

When you desire something, you can only bring it in to your experience if you achieve vibrational harmony with it. And extremely effective way to bring about vibrational harmony with something is to imagine that you already have it. Imagine what it would feel like, and allow yourself to feel the enjoyment of the experience. When you do this consistently, you put forward this vibration and you put yourself in the space of allowing this ‘reality’ into your experience. And at the moment of holding the desire, you can tell whether you are in a space of attracting it or repelling it. When you trust, and you’re in the flow, and you are allowing your full connection with source energy, you focus on the experiencing of having it, and it feels good. When you somehow doubt you can have it, you focus on the ‘not having it’, and it does not feel good. So, by observing how you feel, you can tell if you are giving attention to your desire, or to the absence of you desire. Thus you can tell whether you are placing yourself in a space of receiving it or resisting it.

So, if you haven’t already, I’m reminding you to start consciously using the law of attraction in your life. Practice keeping yourself in a vibrational place of experiencing all that you desire. And above all, contemplate on the question that can change everything: Who am I? Then start to undo the conditioning that the world has placed on you, and remember again that you are infinite and eternal in your essence.

Remember too that you are you are a powerful attractor and creator, and create the things that bring joy to yourself and the world.

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