Try Binaural Beats for More Effective Meditation

I mentioned binaural beats meditation a few times recently, and noticed that many people have still not heard of it. Hence this blogpost…

Can you imagine a world without recorded music? There certainly was a time in which this was a reality on our planet. Recorded music is just over a century old, and before this one could only listen to live music, either vocals or instrumentals or both. One had to enjoy it in the moment, as there was no way of recording it to ‘take away’!

Our first method for recording and reproducing sound was on phonograph cylinders developed around 1888. This gave way to gramophone records in about 1910, which gave way to LP records in about 1948. Compact discs made their appearance in the late 1980’s. It is still the most popular form of recorded music, and there is already new technology in this field. Music is now an integral part of our everyday life, giving us easy access to peaceful and pleasurable states of mind.

One specific benefit of our continuously advancing technology has been in using recorded sound as an aid to relaxation and meditation. In the past there were all sorts of often elaborate rituals and practices to achieve desired states of consciousness. New inventions, however, seem to enable us to get into these altered mental states with astounding ease and predictability. Not only can we produce these sounds, but now we’re able to scientifically test the effects of different sounds on our consciousness.

The discovery of binaural beats has catapulted research in this area to new heights. Binaural literally means “having or relating to two ears.” It involves playing slightly different tones to the left and right ears via headphones, so that the left ear doesn’t hear the same tone as the right ear, and vice versa.

And why exactly would you do that? First of all, you have five main brainwave frequencies. They are Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma.  Each one of these frequencies is associated with a different state of mind. Simulating these frequencies has an impact on your thoughts and emotions.  If you’re trying to achieve a certain state of mind like happiness or peacefulness, you would need to change your brainwaves to the frequency that is most associated with that state of mind.  This is called brainwave entrainment, and uses sound pulses like binaural beats or isochronic tones. These sounds guide your brainwaves to the frequency you want, and bring about your desired state of consciousness.

Binaural beats produce a sound frequency that you wouldn’t normally hear, as they are simply beyond your range of perception. But scientific testing proves that these frequencies still have an effect on us.  A different frequency is used for each side of the headphone.  So one ear would receive a frequency of 200 Hz, and the other would have 210 Hz.  Your brain processes both of these frequencies, but only the difference between the frequencies, 10 Hz, is ‘heard’.  After a period of time, your brainwaves will synchronize with this frequency.  A difference of 10 Hz would create Alpha brainwaves.

Now there are two interesting facts about this frequency of 10 Hz. Firstly You cannot normally hear such a frequency as the human ear can only hear sounds down to 20 Hz. And secondly 10 Hz is the frequency of relaxation.

So with sophisticated, modern recording techniques, it is now possible to produce music with these frequencies embedded, and to induce certain brainwaves known to be associated with desirable effects such as healing, relaxation, creativity or being energized. With this cutting-edge technology, you can intentionally bring about different states of mind almost instantly, simply by listening to this specially prepared music!

If you search on Google, you would find a whole lot of CD’s and products available. But for a quick taste of it, here is a video from YouTube..

Personally I think with all areas of scientific discovery advancing at an ever increasing pace, that technology would play an ever greater role in our self-development and enlightenment, both individually and collectively – and that’s pretty exciting!

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