Where the Spiritual meets the Material

Is spirituality diametrically opposed to the material life? Is it not possible to enjoy both worlds? Are these two realms mututally exclusive ?

Having been on an incessant quest for truth for most of my adult life, which even led me to India where I lived for 3 years as a contemplative monk, I now wish to use my knowledge and experience to teach and share these insights with people who seek to live more enlightened lives.

In recent years this quest has also led me to exploring the truth about money and abundance too. And I’ve come to see that contrary to what most people believe, the world of money/work/business/wealth-creation is not opposed to or separate from the world of spirituality and enlightenment. There is in fact a place where these overlap perfectly!

In this talk I guide the audience to explore this life-changing idea.

This talk can be delivered as 1 hour talk, or 2 hour interactive session, or can be tailored to your audience.

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