Journey into Self, An Exploration of “I”

This is a talk focused on the fundamental question of life: “Who Am I?”

“I” is probably one of the most loaded words in our language. We use the word hundreds of times a day, but it points to one of the greatest mysteries, one of the univerese’s grandest creations!

We live with this “I” every moment of every day. But do we really understand it? Do we truly know who we are, or are we functioning mostly from a ‘satellite’ self, or maybe even an illusory self?

Mostly we just take a quick ‘snapshot’ of the infinitely deep phenomenon we call “I” and use this snapshot of who we think we are in our interactions with each other!!

In this talk I guide the audience through a thorough investigation of the true identity, offering deep and fresh insights to point them in the direction of self inquiry, self realisation and more enlightened living.

This is the result of more than 25 years of focus on spirituality and philosophy, including the study of the Advaita Vedanta philosophy  while I lived as a contemplative monk in India.

Let’s enlighten your audience on this fundamental, yet mostly ignored subject matter.

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