Celebrate your Individuality

old shoes photoOnce we make the decision to enter onto a spiritual path of purification, salvation or enlightenment, one of the major obstacles we are confronted with is our ego and individuality.

Many spiritual traditions would ask you to thwart your individuality and curb your individual expression.

It certainly helps to keep one’s ego in check if it gets too large! It certainly helps to see the ego’s idea of separation for the illusion it is. And It certainly helps to move from separation back into oneness. Continue reading Celebrate your Individuality

Be Here Now – A practice for peaceful, powerful living

One of the keys to a more fulfilled and powerful life is to be fully aware and conscious of each moment. There is an abounding sense of peace, centeredness and joy when you get into the ‘now zone’.

Too often the mind dwells in the ‘past’ and ‘future’ and misses the radiant truth of the moment. When you are fully and consciously present as you engage with ‘the world’, you are able to meet your experience with optimum attention, and call upon an optimum response to any situation. Being in the present moment is an invaluable key to having an optimum life experience. Continue reading Be Here Now – A practice for peaceful, powerful living

Know Your Self, Free Yourself.

“Who am I?” This is the fundamental question that thinkers and philosophers of all times have asked. Of all the insights and understandings you can have about your life, none is as important or as far reaching as the vision of who you truly are. This is so because the answer to this question can change everything. Continue reading Know Your Self, Free Yourself.