A Recipe for the Feast of Life

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I found this piece of writing the other day, and decided to share it here. Something I wrote for a good friend’s wedding a few years ago – for the album of wedding wishes. Couldn’t help but bring some wisdom into it of course! I trust it will shed some light for you on the wondrous dance of life.. Continue reading A Recipe for the Feast of Life

You need Nothing!

What do you need right now? A cigarette?! Some coffee? A new car? Financial stability? How about perfect health? Maybe peace of mind? Or do you need love?

Whatever you think you need, take a moment to really think about it, and ask yourself whether these are actual needs, or are they perhaps desires and preferences. Continue reading You need Nothing!

Try Binaural Beats for More Effective Meditation

I mentioned binaural beats meditation a few times recently, and noticed that many people have still not heard of it. Hence this blogpost…

Can you imagine a world without recorded music? There certainly was a time in which this was a reality on our planet. Recorded music is just over a century old, and before this one could only listen to live music, either vocals or instrumentals or both. One had to enjoy it in the moment, as there was no way of recording it to ‘take away’! Continue reading Try Binaural Beats for More Effective Meditation

Embracing Loss and Destruction

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You have no doubt experienced the loss or destruction of something you held dear in your life. You probably even mourned the loss or feared the destruction of something you once had. But if you take a closer look at the principle of destruction, you will see that it has another side to it. The other side of destruction, dissolution, loss and death is in fact creation, renewal and rebirth. Continue reading Embracing Loss and Destruction

How To Practice Creative Attraction

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Currently, most of us on the planet still hold the idea that God, the creator of all this world, created the world as distinct and separate from ‘the creator himself’, at the beginning of time, and then left it alone. We see ourselves and this whole physical world as the ‘the created’, and quite separate from the ‘creator’. Consequently, we see ourselves as limited beings with very limited powers of creation.

I’d like you to consider something startling: that this is an illusion! Separation is an illusion, superimposed by the human mind over the truth of oneness. All things are one, and the idea of separation from life, separation from each other and separation from the Divine essence or God, is an illusion, a myth, and idea that is not congruent with ultimate reality. Continue reading How To Practice Creative Attraction

Culture, Tradition and Creative Originality

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Tradition is wholesome, grounding, often rich and very valuable. But it doesn’t serve us optimally when tradition stands in the way of creative originality.

Every religion has it culture and tradition. Even nations, groups and families have their customary ways of celebrating, commemorating and honouring people and experiences in life. There is certainly value in marking events with colour and costume, song and dance, ritual and ceremony. Yet too often I find tradition stands in the way of people applying their creativity to these powerful and beautiful moments in life. Continue reading Culture, Tradition and Creative Originality

A sacred opportunity for you and me

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We are all one – not as a mere concept, but as a reality beyond our realm of concepts. Our true  Self, the innermost you and me, is intimately connected with the infinite consciousness that pervades all things and enables all experience.

From this oneness emerges this ‘seeming reality’ of separation, individuality, limitation, insufficiency and need – in order that we may experience ourselves in a myriad of ways, and have the opportunity to create ourselves and our world continually in our highest ideas, our deepest desires, and greatest imaginings. In doing so , we take the process of life to the next level of expression in an ever-evolving reality. Continue reading A sacred opportunity for you and me

Moving from “Sheep Syndrome” to Conscious Expansion

blooming photoIf we continually choose to believe what others believe, and choose to live as others live, as most people do most of the time, all we do is re-live the cultural story of those that came before us, as a lot of them did themselves! (and how’s that working for our world?!)

This has often been referred to the as the “sheep syndrome”, when people blindly follow others without thinking for themselves. Continue reading Moving from “Sheep Syndrome” to Conscious Expansion

Be Here Now – A practice for peaceful, powerful living

One of the keys to a more fulfilled and powerful life is to be fully aware and conscious of each moment. There is an abounding sense of peace, centeredness and joy when you get into the ‘now zone’.

Too often the mind dwells in the ‘past’ and ‘future’ and misses the radiant truth of the moment. When you are fully and consciously present as you engage with ‘the world’, you are able to meet your experience with optimum attention, and call upon an optimum response to any situation. Being in the present moment is an invaluable key to having an optimum life experience. Continue reading Be Here Now – A practice for peaceful, powerful living