Moving from “Sheep Syndrome” to Conscious Expansion

blooming photoIf we continually choose to believe what others believe, and choose to live as others live, as most people do most of the time, all we do is re-live the cultural story of those that came before us, as a lot of them did themselves! (and how’s that working for our world?!)

This has often been referred to the as the “sheep syndrome”, when people blindly follow others without thinking for themselves.

When we stop choosing what has been chosen for us, this is the moment we start to live ‘originally’, that is to say this is when we invite the original self, or the ‘origin’ (also called ‘source energy’ or ‘god’) into our lives, and start to experience more of the creative potential in our lives.

In a sense, this is the moment of our liberation. This is stepping into our true power. This is stepping into our purpose!

Our purpose here is not only to have the experience we are having – passively, but to actively and consciously create who we are becoming – continually.  It is our function and purpose to re-create ourselves anew in every single moment of “now”, to create and be next grandest version ourselves.

This is the process of expansion, or what we call evolution, and we get to be conscious co-creators in this delicious process!

When we understand this, we can change our lives consciously to the experience we may wish for. When enough of us understand this, we can truly change our world, to the grand version we know in our hearts is possible.

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