Life Insights

Life, in a paragraph

While chatting with an old friend the other day, she was expressing how wonderful it is to have so much knowledge so readily available to us these days especially pertaining to life and the bigger picture. She was quick to add, though, that this often leads to information overload, and leaves her at a loss of how to ‘connect the dots.’ Almost as a joke, she said she wished there was a ‘précis version’ – all in one page or one paragraph!

I thought this would be an interesting exercise, so here goes:

Life can be defined as the experience between birth and death, or can be defined as existence itself, nature, the universe, or quite simply as everything in existence. Life is. It is self evident through experience. Life expresses in a multitude of forms, but in essence is as an interconnected oneness. This oneness, which is all there is, exists and expresses in many dimensions, including that of space and time. Space makes it possible for life forms to exist as distinct entities in relation to each other, evolving though the interaction. Within the realm of space we experience physical existence, in physical bodies, the apparent hub of all our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experiences. The dimension of time makes it possible to experience Life as a series of distinct events occurring in a sequential nature. This enables the phenomena of experience, growth and evolution. While it may seem that we are only that which lives, we are in essence life itself. And while it may seem that we are separate from each other, separate from the universe and from life itself, we are intrinsically interconnected. WE ARE ALL ONE – not as a mere concept, but as a reality beyond our realm of concepts, beyond the divisive mind. Our true self, the innermost you and me, is intimately connected with the infinite consciousness that pervades all things and enables all experience. From this consciousness emerges this ‘seeming reality’ of separation, individuality, limitation, insufficiency and need – in order that we may experience ourselves in a myriad of ways, and have the opportunity to create and re-create ourselves – and our world -continually in our highest ideas, our deepest desires, and greatest imaginings. In doing so, we take the process of life – and life itself – to the next level of being and expression in a wondrous, magnificent, ever-evolving reality. In the process, we get to create meaning and have some fun along the way!

Well, ok – it’s a pretty long paragraph!

What do you think? If you’d like to add to this, suggest any changes or clarify, feel free to comment below.