Global Abundance

Expanding our Definition and Appreciation of Money

“Money”, like most English words can have many different definitions and interpretations. Indeed, English itself can be an ambiguous language at the best of times, in which meaning most often depends on context and even culture.

Money is no simple subject. It is a vast phenomenon, existing in many different forms and on many different levels, and has proliferated our culture and our minds, making it very difficult to even imagine a world without money.

If you define money as notes and coins, as dollars, pounds, yen or whatever your national currency is, as the stuff which leads to greed and corruption, the stuff which is responsible for inflation and which is centrally issued and controlled, if you define money as the stuff which leads to debt and wide-scale poverty, you would most probably want to eradicate money from the face of the earth as soon as possible.

And if you define money as a means of exchange, a currency, or as a form of abundance, prosperity, and wealth, if you define it as a resource, a form of energy, you may be more open to exploring its relationship with life, even with spirituality and enlightened living.

I’ve been writing a book on this subject for a while – ok, for far too long now!! – and by sharing this I’d like to invite us to higher understanding of money which takes both interpretations into account.. and leads us to a perception where we realise that money is both and beyond. Money is actually a unique technology and phenomenon in our world. It is also changing and evolving, and this being the case, we can start to transform money.. and the economy..and our world  toward one that is a reflection of an enlightened humanity, of fairness and kindness, of love and light.

We can, and I believe we will. It is time!


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