How the Virus Saga is a Catalyst for our Great Awakening

2020 has certainly got us questioning what’s really going on, and questioning many aspects of our reality – and therein lies its gift!

I have known for years that we were approaching a great awakening. I had even learnt about “The Event”, as it was being called. But before it happened I must admit it was hard to believe that our world would be turned upside down and inside out – and all within the space of a few short months.

Then came the grand coronavirus saga. While many see it as an unwanted or unfortunate event, I knew from the beginning that it holds a great gift for humanity.  In my voracious search for deeper insights, I came across a message by The Arcturian Collective  and had to share this excerpt with you:

“2020 is the Time of the Planet’s Great Awakening.. Can you feel its rumblings? Can you see the crumblings of the old matrix that no longer serves the Dream of Separation? Can you feel and sense the rising of something entirely new?

Can you see the seeds of New Life seeding themselves in this recent turn of events in 2020 as the world as most people know it comes to a quantum halt . . . and the gears of an old 3D matrix . . . are literally shut down.

Is that not the Dream of Reunion revealing itself to you? Do the Gears of the Old 3D Matrix Shutting Down indicate to you that something is up? Something is shifting? Something is changing? In Divine Timing?

2020 Is That Divine Timing. And this is the year of the Planet’s Global Reset. And this is the year of the Collective’s Mass Awakening. To the Greater Truth. The Higher Light. The Spark of Creation and the Creator within your very own Heartbeats. And the very pulse of Mother Earth.

Now, as we speak about Liberty, Truth, Light, Awakenings, and Pioneers engaged in a Quest to Remember and Re-Activate their Divine Essence, Sovereignty, Joy, and Unity Consciousness that emanates from Divine Creator and Creation Itself, we are also aware that in a matrix of duality that is cracking, crumbling, and sputtering right now, there are also triggers and offerings of fear, illness, agitation, scarcity, lack, discontent, and discouragement.

For these are old seeds of the old matrix that have dried out but still need a day in the sun to be seen. To be witnessed. To be acknowledged by a Global Collective who no longer wishes for that creation and that experience to be part of the Human or Sentient Experience here on this world.

So all must see the seeds that have been sowed in past 3D gardens. ALL must see the structures and hidden matrixes now come to Light for what they were, and for the cure of what ails this 3D planet to reveal and unveil itself to this world.

The illness that is surfacing on your world . . . is that of Spiritual Disconnection, Separation, Manipulation, Dark and Density-Based Structures and Control Systems, and Humanity’s Subjugation and Compliance with that old system.

When all that is NOT the Light surfaces within each of you, which has been unfolding since December 21, 2012 with great fervor, velocity, and powerful vortexual energy, it ultimately summons an activation in the Greater Collective . . . surfacing all that is NOT the Light within the Greater Collective Experience as well.

When costumes are removed, and curtains are opened, a bare naked Truth exists on the Stage of the Collective Human Experience. And this is the Time now dear ones where you all are activating as an awakened audience.

The Virus has gotten the attention of All of Humanity, and thus all Sentient Life on your world as well. The Virus that has plagued Humanity for the entire duration of this 3D Matrix, the Virus that templated a false, sick, dense, illusionary reality for this entire world age and cycle, is now Center Stage for all to see.

And very rapidly now, the veils of time are pulling back the layers of illusions and clouded sight of the Human Collective, clearing away the Spiritual Amnesia, clearing away the 3D Astigmatisms, clearing away the contractual consent required of all to incarnate in this realm . . . to accept the terms of a prison planet . . . in order to enter the Earth’s Field . . . so much so that nakedness on that Grand Center Stage is all that will soon remain.

Right now, in the confusion that many of you may feel, we can say that that nakedness is being assembled on that Center Stage. No longer will Earth Citizens accept the illusion, the lack of Truth, the manipulations of the masses, and the theft of your very life force and creative Source power and energy that we would call your Living Light.

Those energies that have sought to prey on the hearts, minds, and consciousness of this Sacred Earth, and all who have incarnated here are being rounded up and exposed as the soul-less, life-force-less, and manipulative beings and controllers that they manifested to be in this lifetime and timeline.

To move forward, as a Conscious Collective, how could all members of the Human Collective, the Conscious Sentient Collective, NOT see what had transpired while they were conditioned into submission and subservience to a much greater, vaster, master plan of manipulation and density?

How could or can Humanity evolve and transmute this “virus” if you will that has infected and invaded this beautiful Earth Planet for eons, if the masses never awaken to its presence in the first place? If it is not seen, and acknowledged, it will simply run its cycles and repeat itself, as it has for many, many millenia, certainly since Atlantean times, and we would say . . . even before that.

It has been a long, long journey to arrive here, now, in this timeline of 2020, where all are poised in the cosmos, witnessing, watching, supporting, and affirming your Collective Higher Dimensional Rising and Reunion with the Divine Matrix, with the Divine Mother, with the Divinity of All of Creation in All Realms and All Universes, once more! And no one is more excited and elated at this Grand Awakening and Reunion of Mind, Soul, Body, and Spirit than each and every one of you.

Some of you may think you know who the bad guys or “dark ones” are. And we will simply say, in a deeply entrenched, dark matrix, based in separation consciousness, division, tyranny, illusion, scarcity and suffering, remember, there have been many today, and throughout history, who have played roles as sheep, and as wolves, and wolves, and sheep, and it will require all costumes removed, all gloves off, and only pure nakedness on that grand center stage to ultimately reveal the true wolves and manipulators of this 3D matrix and the true sheep and leaders of this entry into a new Field and Planetary Experience of Divine Christ Consciousness and Unified Light.

For the illusion is long and deep. And the layers supporting it run deep. Even deep into the Earth, where tunnels of dark deeds were hidden from the eyes of humanity and could not be seen, to therefore, not be successfully stopped, until now.

Some of the technologies of your day and time, in 2020, are finally up to speed with humanity’s readiness at deep unconscious levels to rise from the old matrix and dream of 3D separation and into the Higher Light of Conscious Activation, Awakening, and True Truth Transparency. All Timelines in many ways are merging into One, in 2020.

The Virus is a real virus on your world today, as a literal manifestation of the dark ones attempting once more to control and coral humanity to do its bidding and serve its agendas. And yet the Greater Virus on your world today, is the 3D control matrix itself, and the those that serve its agendas, appetites, and apparent lack of value for human life, plant life, animal life, earth life, and all sentient life and light on this world.

That is the True Virus that the Light is exposing now on your world. So know that two worlds are coming together, the 3D and the 5D energies at this time. Wolves and sheep are rising . . . into their True Nature . . . and will continue to reveal who they really are . . . as the nakedness becomes clearer and clearer on that center stage.

Witness your own layers of 3D and 5D energies rising in your conscious awareness. Witness your own wolves and sheep versions of yourself . . . where you have manipulated perhaps yourself into believing or doing some things to yourself or others and at one point believed in that choice or experience you had. ALL have been manipulated in this 3D matrix, because the matrix itself WAS and IS a VAST MANIPULATION and ILLUSION.

2020 is offering you Clear Soul Sight. Clear Soul Sight has deep riches and cosmic treasures and divine blessings in store for all of you. For the Entire Creation as a whole. But it also has its challenges and “coming to terms” moments, where the Truth of all that has transpired here must be seen, exposed, and acknowledged in order to collectively integrate it into the Timeless Experience of the One.

Wholeness is where you are returning. Truth is what you are reclaiming. Peace, Joy, Liberty, Sovereignty, and Tranquility are what are returning to you in this Grand Process.”

Isn’t this exciting?!

Source: The Arcturian Collective via Marie Mohler. Full message here