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True Peace lies in Consciousness

“Peace is something that individuals, governments, and societies have sought for generations. There never yet has been real peace on Earth because true Peace must first be present in consciousness before it can manifest. Peace is a state of consciousness.

Three-dimensional concepts of peace will and can only ever reflect the duality/separation energy that constitutes their substance. The appearance of peace created from these concepts may look sweet and friendly to human eyes, but, because of duality, will always contain opposites ready and able to manifest at any time.

True and lasting peace can only manifest where the substance of it — consciousness — is present, whether it is peace among partners, family, and friends, or peace between groups, governments, countries, and world leaders.

Regardless of how ingrained some social beliefs may be, know that country of origin, skin color, gender, language, religious belief, or sexual orientation has absolutely nothing to do with the reality– that every life is an expression of the ONE LIFE. And until this is accepted by a majority, there can be no true peace.

As more begin to realize and live from Oneness, a new and higher collective consciousness is being formed, one that can then manifest as experiences of true Peace rather than the false concepts of peace that have come to be accepted as normal.”

~ A beautiful reminder from  the Arcturians.

And so amazing that this came my way today, as we see riots and violent protests all across the USA,  against police brutality, and millions of people venting their anger against injustice in a myriad of forms.

I’m thinking I’d like to build a series of posts “Flashes of Truth and Light” of which this will be a part.

( Arcturians via Marylin Raffaele )