Open Your Heart

hearts photoOpen your heart to all those around you. By opening your heart to others, you will open your heart to the Divine essence. Your heart contains an intelligence that is profound. It is intimately connected with every other heart. In this sense we are all of one heart. We are One.

Misapprehension of this truth, and coming to believe in our false identities has served to divide us, with this sense of division and separation expressing in untold misery, depression, disease and violence.

When you transform these dense low vibrations of the heart, you uplift yourself and simultaneously offer this upliftment to the collective. You send out ripples of higher frequencies towards others on earth and this helps in simulating the same frequency in others. It also touches and connects with others of like minds and like hearts. This frequency begins to build and increase in resonance, and offers you and I, and all of humanity more healing and reconnection to Divine Essence. Humanity is awakening to a whole new pattern of consciousness in which the heart will once again be seen and honored. Honour you heart, and get into Love, be in Love, and be Love.

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