Love as a doorway to Awakening

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A million words can be said about love. And yet the true experience of love lies way beyond anything we can say about it. Love is ultimately beyond words and always escapes the grasp of the mind.

Love has a million expressions, and it flows into infinite forms and experiences. Yet just behind the myriad of manifestations, love is at the very essence of who we are.

The process of Awakening, the journey into Enlightenment, is not only about consciously knowing or understanding the truth of our existence, but in coming again to the feeling of love, and to the experience of fully and consciously being love again.

Many years ago, I discovered a beautiful insight about love as a doorway to awakening when I read the book “The Emmisaries of Light” by James Twyman. And today I wanted to share this insight with you.

In a nutshell: We have forgotten who we are because in our fear of losing love, we have withheld that which is our very essence. Yet love is known and fully experienced only as we share love with others. Because we are born at the same time of love, when we withhold love, love is forgotten and we simultaneously lose who we truly are. But alas the awakening of love is our awakening as well, and can be brought about by giving freely that which we are: Love.

Beautiful written, the words almost carry the living energy of love, and the excerpt carries an insight about love that I hadn’t before been aware of.

The following selection is from page 140 in the chapter titled ‘The Gift of Love.’

“… fear is the self-imposed block to the awareness of love’s presence. When fear is released, love is revealed.
And yet the true experience of love is beyond anything you can now imagine. It is beyond the thought or the idea of love. It lies past all the images and symbols you have made to obscure love’s call. And yet it is closer than you know, closer than your breath or even the silent whisper of love’s longing for itself.

And what is the secret that love has whispered into your half-closed ear, the distant echo that has haunted you so? Only this: You are the very essence of Love. This very moment, just as you are, in spite of all the preconceived ideas you have of yourself, love claims and accepts you.

You have forgotten who you are because in your fear of losing love you have withheld that which is your foundation.Love by its very nature is a gift that is freely given. And yet this gift is known only as it is given again. Only when love is breathed from one heart to another is it fully experienced.

When love is withheld it is forgotten, and because you and love were born together, you are forgotten with her. She lies hidden within you beside the still forgotten memory of your truest Self. Though asleep and dreaming, she awaits the dawn when her name is called and she is again brought back to life.

And the awakening of love is your awakening as well, so intimately linked, all from giving freely that which you are: the full awareness of love’s presence. But this awakening requires that you willingly give up all the ways you have tried to limit and contain her. You cannot guide love’s path, but if you submit to love’s higher vision she will guide you, showing you a new vision of yourself.

True, or unconditional, love is unaware of the strange demands you impose to reserve love for specific relationships. Love is the same for all. Your attempts to reserve love for specific relationships and then withhold it from others is the very thing that has blocked your vision of love’s presence.

Give as love gives—just as the sun gives its light to all who ask, or the sparrow that sings not for the one who listens, but for the song itself. When you give love, love is your reward. When you judge some people as worthy of your giving and other people as undeserving, then it is you who is undeserving; not because you have been judged by love, but because you have forgotten love’s law.

You, in your essence, are the fountain of unconditional love. The water you give refreshes the whole universe, for you are not separate from one part of the universe but are intimately linked to all. Let your gift be free, then. Let it flow from you and wash over all those you see, all those who cross your path.

Do not think that you cannot still have relationships that are more involved than others. Involvement has nothing to do with love. There will always be those in your life with whom you share the deeper pulse of your thoughts and those whom you do not. But the love you give is the same for each of them. . .”

So the call is for each one of us to open to love again. And how can we do this? Simply by sharing and expressing love to others, By welcoming love back into our hearts again. The more we express love the more we feel it. The more we feel love the more we awaken.

These are words that can usher you in the direction if love. But rememeber, love lies way beyond these words. 

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