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Feeling Whole and Enlightened Attraction

Many of us think that if we are wanting more, we must necessarily be unhappy with where we are, or we must be trying to escape our current circumstances. Many think that the teaching of deliberate attraction is contrary to the traditional spiritual teaching of contentment.

Yet it is entirely possible to be in full acceptance of our current set of circumstances, yet at the same time to seek to experience more.

Feeling whole and seeking more are not mutually exclusive

When you feel complete or content, it does not equate to the end of any movement or any progress. It does not mean remaining static and dying! On the other hand when you are moving forward towards something greater, it does not mean that you are discontent with where you are.

The universe, life, and the source of all things expands continuously and infinitely, yet it does not do so out of a sense of lack or incompleteness. It does so because it does so! Creation expands. Everything becomes more – more complex and more advanced, more conscious and more magical!

 You Are a Perfect Yet Expanding Being,

in a Perfect Yet Expanding World,

in a Perfect Yet Expanding Universe”

– Abraham Hicks

See the blessing of your current situation

When you set out to attract your dream life, it is important to steer clear of resisting what is. It is not about trying to escape the present circumstances. In fact you need to accept and make peace with what is in order to move forward.

While you may find a situation clearly ‘unwanted’ it is important not to see it as “bad.” Nothing is bad in and of itself, but can appear to be bad stemming from your thoughts about it. In fact Shakespeare articulated this perfectly: “Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

It is important to embrace what is if you want to move beyond it – whether it is an unhealthy relationship, or an undesirable job, being overweight or being poor. If you hate the situation, it will not change the situation, but when you start to embrace and accept it, YOU change! And when you change your approach to circumstances, the circumstances change for you.

One way to make this process easier is to see that your present situation is actually a gift and an opportunity all at once. The entire universe and all of history conspired to bring it about, and it is precisely this situation which makes you clearer about what you desire, and which gives you an opportunity to decide and create who you are and who you choose to be in relation to it.

When you can accept and love what it. It releases the resistance in you, and this state of non-resistance helps to make your more attractive to the next thing you want to attract.

What you resist persists

When you resist something, – your present circumstances included, you give your attention to it. And in accordance with the law of attraction, what you give your attention to, you attract. The law of attraction does not respond by giving you what you want and removing what you do not want. It merely responds to what you are giving your attention to. And when you resist something, you give your attention to it, and thereby attract more of it to you.

Simply put: you get what you think about, whether you want it or not. Also when you think about what you do not want you also end up feeling negative or even depressed. And when you’re feeling this way, it becomes more difficult for life energy to flow through you, and through your body. This can further lead to ill health or disease.

Enlightened Attracting

A more enlightened way to attract the stuff of your dreams is to accept what is, try to see the opportunity it holds for you. Even bless it and thank it if you are moved to do so! Then focus more on the object or experience you do want to attract. Remember that you are perfect, complete and whole, affirm this, experience it, be clear about what your are choosing, an continue to focus on it, until you come to experience it. And then of course a brand new desire will be born through you.. and then another one..

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