Consciously Explore your Relationship with Money

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There are many ways you could explore and engage your relationship with wealth and abundance. You could earn, spend, save, overspend, be really frugal, donate, you could give away some of your money, win the lottery, or perhaps lose money on a poor investment decision.

Each experience gives you an opportunity to take a deeper look at how you feel and think about money. Some of these experiences can help you realise the nature of your money beliefs and affirm that they may be working well for you. Others may help you realise what attitudes may not be working, and give you the opportunity to change them.

Some experiences can reveal things you didn’t know about your attitudes towards money – and therein lies their gift.

Have you ever thought about being an investor? “Well, I need to have serious money for that!” I hear you say. But this is not true. Have you heard about micro financing? You could be an investor for as little as $25!

One particular organisation making huge stride in this area is Kiva.

Kiva uses a peer-to-peer model in which you can sort through profiles of potential borrowers – whether it is a farmer in Cambodia, a shopkeeper in Mongolia or a pharmacist in Zambia – and make loans to those you find most appealing and promising. The minimum loan is $25, and the interest rate is 0%.


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Here is a video of the founder of Kiva, Jessica Jackley, sharing her inspiring story. As you listen to how her attitudes towards the poor have transformed, you may want to consider the nature of your own attitudes in this regard.

Since Kiva was founded, almost 700,000 people have pledged $128 million in loans to more than 325,000 people! And when you consider the reach of all micro financing organisations together, the number of recipients will run into several millions. It’s wonderful to see people helping people in this way.

So this is a ‘money experience’ you may want to consider – not only because it spreads so much goodwill, and literally brings more freedom and abundance to thousands of people in impoverished circumstances, but because it will give you a brand new way to relate to money. Also by dealing with ‘the poor” you could learn a whole lot about their experience of abundance, and in the process learn more about your own.

On the other hand, how do you feel about borrowing money? If you’re trying to manifest more money in your life, have you considered how a little capital could make a difference? Have you considered taking out a loan?

Now there’s a clear difference between taking out a loan to pay for a holiday or for an instant treat, and taking out a loan as an investment in your business, in your future and yourself. I’m certainly not proposing borrowing money that will be spent within a week or two on some pleasure which will most likely be forgotten just as quickly!

But just like the hundreds of thousands of disadvantaged people who managed to take their business to the next level with a micro-loan, you could perhaps do the same for your venture and your future wealth and abundance. Maybe this is the one piece of the puzzle that will allow all the other pieces to fall into place.

As I mentioned, each new experience with money gives you an opportunity to assess and develop your relationship with wealth and abundance. So as you read the paragraph above and consider the possibility, how does that make you feel?

Can you confidently face your bank manager and convince him or her that you believe in your idea? Can you be convincing that you believe in yourself? Do you really believe in your plans and ideas? Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe you deserve a life of freedom and abundance? These are the kind of questions this possibility will bring up for you.

So there you have it – two interesting suggestions to help you engage and explore your relationship with money. And again, in each possibility lies the opportunity to consciously explore your beliefs and attitudes about money – which you may find is not altogether divorced from your thoughts and feelings about yourself!

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