Celebrate your Individuality

old shoes photoOnce we make the decision to enter onto a spiritual path of purification, salvation or enlightenment, one of the major obstacles we are confronted with is our ego and individuality.

Many spiritual traditions would ask you to thwart your individuality and curb your individual expression.

It certainly helps to keep one’s ego in check if it gets too large! It certainly helps to see the ego’s idea of separation for the illusion it is. And It certainly helps to move from separation back into oneness.

But while we strive for oneness, we should not confuse oneness with sameness. The last thing we want to be is the same with anything else.
What will this world be like if all flowers were yellow?..if all butterflies had the same pattern? ..if every birdsong was the same as others…or if all musical notes were the same? – We’d have no music!!

The beauty of this world also is in its variety, in its differentiation.
So sound your unique voice to the world. Express your unique style. And in doing so add to the richness of this diverse world. Add your note to the music.

Though let it not fool you into thinking that you are separate. For you would be caught in the grips of an illusion.

So celebrate your individuality. Celebrate your uniqueness. Be uniquely you, the way only you can.

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