Be Here Now – A practice for peaceful, powerful living

One of the keys to a more fulfilled and powerful life is to be fully aware and conscious of each moment. There is an abounding sense of peace, centeredness and joy when you get into the ‘now zone’.

Too often the mind dwells in the ‘past’ and ‘future’ and misses the radiant truth of the moment. When you are fully and consciously present as you engage with ‘the world’, you are able to meet your experience with optimum attention, and call upon an optimum response to any situation. Being in the present moment is an invaluable key to having an optimum life experience.

Each of us lives with the timeless aspect within ourselves, as well as the time-related sense of self. We live simultaneously with the form and the formless, with sound and the stillness, with things and the no-thing-ness.

From our point of view – from this side of the imaginary fence of division – we have been caught up in the illusion of matter and time as being solid, irrefutable, and real.  We seem to have identified almost completely with the time-based, space–based self, and have lost sight of the timeless aspect of ourselves. In other words we have lost sight of our Self, since the timeless aspect is our point of origin and true identity, rather than our space-time projections of self. This imbalance has brought much confusion, anger, depression and violence into our individual lives and into our collective experience on earth.

Most of us go through our daily experiences mentally absent from the action we are engaging in. We are too often thinking of something else, or some time else, other than the here and now. Time exists in the mind. Think of your entire life up to now, or any single moment in the past. Where does it exist? When you accessed your past, you actually access a thought about your past – in the present!

Similarly, we spend most of our time in our thoughts about yesterday and the thoughts about tomorrow. The past and future in our minds is also where the desire, pain, hope and fear exist. We spend most of our time, in the mental projections of past and future, and rarely are we present enough in the now.

In the present moment you can infuse your intentions, and visualize future events. Planning is practical and necessary to create something specific in the future. Similarly there is value in briefly reviewing past events. But once this is done it should be released from the mind’s attention, and surrendered to the creative power of the universe, which is your own creative power. Then come back to the present moment.
In the largest scheme of things it does not matter what you are doing, or with whom you are doing it. What matters is whether you are fully present and aware in your experience. The timeless aspect can be accessed in every single moment, with sufficient awareness on the present moment, on the now.

When you are present to each moment, you will gradually become aware that each and every present moment is a portal to experiencing other dimensions and other states of consciousness. You will become aware that time is not the solid reality that you have always experienced, but is rather malleable and relative. Time can stretch or contract; it can fold up, as it were, and sometimes completely disappear. This is when you enter the realm of the timeless essence within you.

The now is a point of power for you, for this is where you are continually creating. Like the tight-rope walker walking the rope at a great height, if he allowed himself to think of the last few steps or the ones ahead, he will lose his balance.  His focus has to be squarely on each step as he takes it. So too with your focus – to the extent you manage to keep it on your present moment, to that extent you will enjoy peace and power, and your endeavours will be successful. This pertains even to simple everyday actions that you perform.

Use this as a kind of meditation to be in the now. Infuse every moment with your joy and appreciation. Bless and honour every moment with your vibration of pure high frequency energy, and you will become aware of the sacredness of your actions, and the sacredness of this beautiful opportunity of being human in a physical body.

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