A Recipe for the Feast of Life

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I found this piece of writing the other day, and decided to share it here. Something I wrote for a good friend’s wedding a few years ago – for the album of wedding wishes. Couldn’t help but bring some wisdom into it of course! I trust it will shed some light for you on the wondrous dance of life..


Take one life, add another for flavour, and deeper meaning, and prepare for a wondrous feast together. The essential ingredient is Love, and the willingness to share the deepest part of yourself. Love is the heat needed for preparing the feast. It is the sacred fire that gives meaning and context to all of the other ingredients.

So turn on the Love, and then we’re cooking! Make sure you have a good amount of understanding, commitment, and open-mindedness handy for the process of turning life into a continuous feast.

Gently add the events of life, one by one. These are meant to enrich the taste and experience of life, so add no resistance. Instead, season every event with acceptance, and gratitude for the opportunity they provide. Love and accept the events of life, just as you love and accept each other, and your own self.

As life simmers on, be sure to keep the recipe nearby. Others have cooked this meal, and the lessons they have learned from the process, they have added to the recipe books. Some valuable lessons these do hold. But guard against over-dependance on these scriptures. Be creative. Be inventive. And know always that the recipe, the wisdom and guidance you need, is within you. With your insight and intuition you read the recipe written in your own soul. Now you glimpse the beauty of the grander plan!

While the feast cooks on, take care not to let your concentration slip. The meal could easily burn. Be conscious and present to your life as it unfolds. Be here now. See the perfection! You are the cook, you are the head chef for your own experience in life. Your beloved co-chef contributes to the dish, but you always create your own taste of it. And don’t forget to taste the dish every now and then. Every time you stop, and truly taste what is happening, you get a clearer picture of what qualities you may need to add a sprinkling of. Preparation needs patience too. Trust that all things happen in their right time. Just like the masterpiece, the perfect feast cannot be rushed.

The meal is not complete without a touch of salt. Oh yes, the salt of your own tears, the pungent, poignant grey days of your life together only brightens the yellow ones. All colors make the beauty of the rainbow. Salty sepia too.

And while you stop to ponder the upcoming feast in anticipation, the sweet aroma of the changing masterpiece brings a knowing that the toil of cooking is as joyous as eating and drinking. For today’s meal is yesterday’s toil. The feast is the cooking, the cooking the feast. Enjoy the cooking, and it turns into life’s endless feast.

And the feast comes alive with all the giving and sharing. Hear the ring of laughter in the air. Savour the moment. And stir away with passion at this beautiful life. Let’s join our hands, dear friend, and dance the dance of life. Let’s create in our highest vision. O, the sweet sounds of inspiration. Making music, we become the song. Can you feel love’s presence? In the glow of love, you two become one. Brighter and brighter you glow. The light engulfs all of us. And reveals our one heart. The feast of life is a feast of love. We thank you, Love, for the feast and for beautiful friends. We are life and we are love. Mmm, taste the love. Sweet love.


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