Why the name BrightForward?

Two of my channels are called BrightForwardLIFE and BrightForwardWORLD. And in case you’re wondering about how I came to naming them as such, I thought I’d share this right here..

I used the words “Bright” and “Forward” together, as I feel the combination of these two words represents both my journey and my vision.

I’m into Enlightened Living, Practical Wisdom, Planetary Awakening, Spirituality, Philosophy and all things that signify Light over Darkness. (Hence the word: “Bright”)

(This was such a strong focus for me that I once ‘opted out of the world’ to live as a contemplative monk in India for a few years!)

Too often though, the spiritual path is seen as something that is opposed to – or at least removed from what’s going on in the world – progress, success, and enjoyment of what the material world.

And the word “Forward”? Well, having returned to the ‘real world’ (concencus reality anyway) my path has become one of Integrated Living. and so has my message. I now also focus on making a living, and focus on Alleviating Poverty, Transforming Money, Global Abundance, Redefining Wealth, Social Innovation, and on ideas and initiatives that expand our experience of life. Hence the word: “Forward”

I’ve come to see that the two worlds – spirituality and success, if you like, or enlightenment and empowerment – are not as divergent as we like to think.

So BrightForwardLIFE bridges the worlds of spirituality and success, The accent is on enlightened empowered living.

And BrightForwardWORLD shines a light on ideas and initiatives that are positively transforming our lives and making the world a better place to live in. We focus especially on what it takes to move humanity towards Global Prosperity.

You can explore BrightforwardLIFE on it’s website, Facebook, or on Twitter

And you can follow BrightforwardWORLD on Facebook, or Twitter.

If it’s enlightening and empowering we aim to showcase and amplify it.



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